Let’s discuss how Medication History for Populations can work for you.

Medication History for Populations

Provides health systems, hospitals and accountable care organizations with more proactive medication history information via the EHR or analytics platform to help manage cost-effective care for patient populations

Helps clinicians spot and close gaps in care

With access to actionable intelligence for more than 233 million patients, clinicians can easily retrieve up-to-date data for specific populations to identify characteristics that lead to care gaps. 

Uncovers medication non-adherence and potential abuse

With prescription history data and medication information from nearly all major pharmacies and PBMs, clinicians can track all medications patients are taking, even cash pay, to pinpoint patients who may be at risk.

Enables at-risk patient populations to be easily triaged

Consistently formatted data from multiple sources is refreshed nightly so clinicians can easily access it to triage patients into low, medium and high-risk groups. Unlock population health management.

Measures medication metrics for CMS reimbursements

Clinicians can use this data to conduct their own analytics on commonly used CMS metrics to improve adherence and reduce readmissions.