Medication Adherence Starts Now
Take advantage of the Surescripts Network Alliance and our e-prescribing expertise with Real-Time Prescription Benefit. It addresses prescription abandonment by delivering patient-specific prescription benefit and out-of-pocket cost information within the e-prescribing workflow at the point of care.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit is the industry’s most powerful prescription price transparency tool.

Let’s discuss how Real-Time Prescription Benefit can work for you.

Uses the latest patient benefit information

Clear and concise patient-specific benefit information is pulled directly from the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and delivered to clinicians’ electronic health record (EHR). Upfront cost-transparency eliminates surprises at the pharmacy, which means happier patients and fewer pharmacy callbacks for clinicians.

Provides several drug and channel alternatives

With up-to-date benefit and cost information, including up to five drug alternatives and three channel options, prescribers can select ideal medications covered under patients’ pharmacy benefits.

Does not favor specific drugs or delivery channels

No transaction is triggered until the prescriber inputs a drug and a patient’s preferred pharmacy location. We preserve neutrality among Surescripts Network Alliance participants and never steer patients toward specific drugs or pharmacy channels.