The prescription price transparency scorecard

Are your members getting the optimal prescription experience?

Find out with the prescription price transparency scorecard

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True price transparency has the power to transform the patient experience—and the patient.

When someone leaves their doctor’s office knowing their prescription is affordable and can be picked up without delay, they feel empowered. They are also more likely to start and stick with their treatment plan.

Health plans strive to communicate pharmacy benefits in a simple, straightforward manner, but their approach to price transparency may still fall short, leaving members frustrated and dissatisfied.

Find out how your organization stacks up by using the Prescription Price Transparency Scorecard for Health Plans.

This new resource is designed to help you:

  • Score your organization's prescription price transparency approach and spot opportunities for improvement.

  • Learn how to improve member satisfaction with the 7 elements of an effective prescription price transparency model.

  • See how prescription price transparency transforms the member experience for one diabetes patient.