Clinical Direct Messaging

Clinical Direct Messaging lets healthcare professionals—including health plan care managers, pharmacists and other clinicians—seamlessly send and receive information for better care collaboration. This solution offers secure, EHR-integrated delivery of clinical communications and health information exchange, for improved care coordination and workflow efficiency.

Connects healthcare professionals

Integrated with EHR workflows, Clinical Direct Messaging lets pharmacists and clinicians seamlessly send and receive information across multiple care collaboration scenarios.

Built using the Direct protocol, Clinical Direct Messaging connects healthcare professionals with secure, HIPAA-compliant exchange of protected health information for use at the point of care, at pharmacies and in care management. Learn about Clinical Direct Messaging costs.

Provides unrivaled security

Surescripts is dedicated to a secure, trusted, high value network and has achieved HITRUST CSF Certified status.

Facilitates better-informed care

Smart Direct messaging allows healthcare professionals to efficiently sort and handle time-sensitive communications including referrals, admissions, lab results and more.

Saves time and money

Our powerful solution helps maximize incentives and avoid regulatory penalties, giving clinicians more time to focus on patients.

Improve transitions of care

Whenever a patient is moving from one care setting to another—be it a hospital, ambulatory primary care practice, ambulatory specialty care practice, long-term care, home health or rehabilitation facility—Clinical Direct Messaging can help ensure that critical information travels with them.

Coordinate care to meet your organization’s goals

The flexibility of Clinical Direct Messaging makes it a popular way to coordinate medication management, send referral and consultation notes, address controlled substance abuse and aid collaborative practice agreements.

Let’s discuss how Clinical Direct Messaging can work for you.