Successful care management needs comprehensive clinical history.

Now, there's a simple way to get it.

Assembling a complete picture of
high-risk patients' clinical history
isn't always easy.

These hurdles affect your chances of improving outcomes and meeting value-based care goals. Now there's a way to access more comprehensive clinical histories for better-informed care management and treatment decisions.

  • Patients may struggle to recall and report complete information on care they've received.

  • Care managers may have a hard time tracking down patient records from outside their system or geographic area.

  • Even tools like Care Everywhere may not provide all the data care managers need—and it's hard to tell what clinical history data they might be missing.

  • Providers may be making critical care decisions with limited information about past treatment.

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Fill in Data Gaps for More Effective,
Efficient Care

with Record Locator & Exchange

Today, care managers can quickly identify where a patient has been seen, request and exchange clinical documents and ensure patients are receiving any necessary procedures or follow-up care.

With the nation's most trusted and capable health information network, you can get the comprehensive clinical history data you need in order to:

  • Manage your patients' care across transitions throughout your health system and community

  • Prevent duplicative therapies

  • Reduce costs by avoiding readmissions

  • Improve efficiency by quickly locating clinical records from other care settings

And because Surescripts Record Locator & Exchange is embedded in your Epic workflow and integrated with Care Everywhere, the experience for your care managers and providers is simple and seamless.


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