Fast-track the Prior Authorization experience

The Surescripts Prior Authorization Portal reduces interruptions and maximizes efficiencies—giving you more time to focus on care.

Prior Authorization portal

Ready to reduce manual forms, phone calls and faxes with a web-based portal that allows you to submit fully electronic prior authorization requests?

The Surescripts Prior Authorization Portal enables quick and seamless communication with benefit plans, so you can get prior authorization approvals or denials before the patient reaches the pharmacy counter. It is a simple way to boost operational efficiencies for your practice and increase medication adherence and satisfaction for your patients

To walk through registration and setting up a prescriber account, start with the Introduction video.

If you are ready to start a prior authorization request, proceed to videos #5 or #6 below.

Instructional videos

What is a TRX Code?

A TRX Code is an 8-digit code located on an RxChange fax or in an electronic RxChange message sent by the dispensing pharmacy to notify the prescriber a prior authorization is required. You may or may not receive a code. Please refer to the appropriate step in the demo.

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