Ready to transform your members' prescription experience with price transparency?

More and more health plans are discovering the power of prescription price transparency tools—both to control costs and to deliver a frustration-free medication experience for their members.

To make it happen, they're partnering with the nation's most trusted and capable health information network.

Together, Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit and Electronic Prior Authorization give prescribers and their patients insight into which medications are covered, their costs, therapeutic alternatives and any prior authorization requirements. If they do choose a medication that requires prior authorization, Electronic Prior Authorization automates the process to save time for payers and prescribers, and avoid treatment delays for patients.

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Here's what you can expect from each solution:

Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Real-Time Prescription Benefit builds on Surescripts Eligibility & Formulary data and adds patient-specific drug benefit and cost information, delivered directly from pharmacy benefit managers and health plans to the e-prescribing workflow.

When you partner with us to supply price transparency to your members with Real-Time Prescription Benefit, you'll be able to:

  • Improve your members’ experience at the point of prescribing as they consult with their prescriber about both the clinical and financial aspects of their treatment.

  • Control costs by giving prescribers pricing information and therapeutic alternative options as they're deciding on a prescription—not after it's sent to the pharmacy.

  • Connect to electronic health records and pharmacy systems to encourage favorable prescribing decisions by those who use them.

  • Reduce administrative burden for your organization by helping prescribers easily identify alternatives that do not require prior authorization.

Electronic Prior Authorization

Electronic Prior Authorization solution accelerates the prescribing workflow by verifying the need for prior authorization and automating the process of getting the medication approved. Powerful workflow tools guide users through the approval criteria needed for a prescription based on the patient’s specific benefit plan.

When you connect your health plan benefits with Electronic Prior Authorization, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve members' experience by ensuring prescriptions are approved before they arrive at the pharmacy.

  • More easily change and deploy benefit plan criteria, driving prior authorization compliance as plans are updated.

  • Reduce administrative overhead by making it simple for providers to submit the clinical data you need and avoid unnecessary prior authorization requests.

  • Get insight into critical drug therapy data such as usage rates and change rates, which you can use to develop and improve benefit plan design.

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